About Us

 Underdog Success is a highly energetic team with the right attitude, the purpose is to lead and show the way for those seeking to excell and succeed on whatever your their endeavors are. We are compiling stories on video and/or pictures of successful people who one way or another excelled and arrived  to where they wanted. These profiles after a careful screening process, analized, and documented, will be posted here as a way of aknowledgment for them and inspiration for those seeking the keys to success. If you have a story of achieving, overcoming, beating the odds, a story we call Underdog Success we would like to hear from you.
 Many people mistakenly bealive  that in order to achieve a certain level of success, you need in one way or another to be god gifted or god talented, that can not be further from the truth. You are not destined for greatness. You work your way whatever that is and achieved it. You reach out and grab it, seized it, there is not other way. Persistence and hard work can take over where and natural skills and talent stops.
In an artivle I read on money 2006 After a series of scientific studies, that a lack of god-given talent and aptitudes does not preclude you from achieving greatness in any given field. The fact is that not even talent, gifted people achieve success solely by those atributes, but rather hard work, persistence, resilience and strong effort. The Magazine continue "natural gifts don't exist..... you are not born CEO, inventor, or music genious,. You will achieve greatness only by through an enormous amount of hard work over may years, but is not just hard work, but work of a particular type that's demanding and painful."
Warren Buffett is a great story, he did not achieve the level of financial success by talent or luck, but rather of those long devoted hours he spends studying financial statement of companies in which he is interested for investment purposes, that is not god-talent, but Buffett's work ethic and determination.
The positive here is that your lack of god-given talent is irrelevant, talent has little or nothing to do with achieving success.