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Leadership lesson: Fable

The eagle and the chickens:
    On a remote rural city down in Mexico, a tourist came to visit an old high school friend, when they were talking a about their past and high school years when suddenly the tourist noticed that among the chickens was an eagle, a big and beautiful eagle, the tourist amazed asked his friend, "what is that huge and beautiful eagle doing here, among these chickens?" his friend replied, "oh that is my favorite chicken" the tourist replied "no no thats an eagle, and an eagle will always be" his friend replied "no this is my favorite chicken and will always be, I have her since it was a baby" "she grew up among chickens and now she thinks she is a chicken" she even eat corn, the tourist started to get anoyed and replied " no shes an eagle, thats her nature, she will always be an eagle, she belong in the sky, not here on the ground" then the tourist said " you know what? I bet you that she is an eagle" to wich his friend replied "ok sounds good, I bet you $100 dollars that she is a chicken", then they took the eagle and head out to a small mountain, the tourist grabed the eagle and on the edge of a small cliff said " you are an eagle, is your nature, now like an eagle you are, fly high and away" he realesed the it and the eagle started a free fall, the eagle did not know what to do, she was falling and falling, this was new to her, after a few seconds, the eagle hit the ground, still shaking stood up and head to her house to eat corn, "see,, I told you she is a chicken" to wha the tourist replied "no, no, I bet you double that she is an eagle, let's do that again" "ok said his friend" the tourist grab the eagle again and this time they climbed higher up the mountain to a higher spot and hold the eagle at the cliff and said " you are an eagle, it is your nature and as an eagle fly high and away" he realeased it, and the eagle started to free fall again, she manage to extend a little her wings but continue falling, after a few seconds, she hit the ground hard, still shaking and disoriented, manage to find her home and went to eat corn again, "see, I told you she is a chicken, she grew up among chickens and now she is one of them ", his friend adamant on his position said " no, no she is an eagle, lets do this again form way way up high, from the top of the mountain" his friend replied " no , you re going to kill my favorite chicken" "she is not a chicken, she is an eagle and always will be" " I bet you $500 dollars" a bet that his friend could not refuse, "ok, ok for $500 dollars but this is the last chance you have". The tourist grab the eagle and went to the top of the mountain, in which a fall would mean a certain death, he grabed the eagle and told her, "you are an eagle and you always  will be, and as an eagle extend your wings and fly"  he realesed it, and the eagle started to fall, and fall, the owner seeing that the eagle was falling turned around to start heading home sad to loose his favorite chicken, meanwhile the eagle continue to fall, she slowly manage to extend her winds little by little untill they were fully extended, she slowly started to move her huge wings and started to fly and fly, higher and faster, a few seconds later she was flying at an amazing speed and as high as the mountain and still climbing, and climbing untill she disapeared on the horizon. The tourist satisfied turns to his friend and said " see, I told you she is an eagle,  and will alwways be an eagle, her nature was to fly".
Let me tell you something for everybody who is reading; a lot of persons are born and are raise among chickens, however, they have all the power and potential within themselves to be eagles, to fly higher, faster, to see farther,  but it is the fact that you were born among chickens that limit your capabilities that stop you from reaching full potential, be careful of the nay sayers, of the can't doers, of everybody with negative attitude, as they will try to hold you back and down because they never delivered never reached full potential and, that  might be ok, as they are chickens not eagles, but you that want, you that need, you that think you deserve better, you actually can achieve, but only if you bealive it, only if you bealive in yourself, bealive that you can reach out and grab success, most of the time this entourage in wich we live will pull you down hard,  but if you have courage, persistence, discipline, commitment and most important: bealive and action, that will get you there, but you won't know that you can, unill you fully extend your wings and start flying.