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                Blue print Art of the comeback
What keep us from staying down? for those who don not like hit bottom or staying down, for those who make a stand for themselves, those who one day woke up, looked their reflection in the mirror did not like what they saw. For those who say "I can do better" " I deserve better than this" " I know I'm fully capable to reach out and be succesful on whatever I put my mind and energy into", when they do not even see the end road.
What is the force behind them to make them stand and deliver?. They keep bealiving,
they kee their faith, and yes some arrogance and pride on themselves are part of the
art of the comeback. To succed you have to be truth to yourself, you have to have strong fundamental values, you have to stay motivated you have to really want it you have to be determined and insist.


Life is a succession of battles some we pick, but some are just part of our journey through life and is precisely on those hard times that many rediscover an infinite potential within themselves.
You have to accept the diffcult situation you are in, acknowledged it, evaluate it, and make a plan of action right away, do not wait, do not hesitate, do not second guess, and dig yourself out of the whole you are in, right away, right now, do not point fingers, do not blame others do not make excuses , and never accept defeat when in the bottom of your mind you knew it was within your reach to achieve it.